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Kindergarten Parent Information Nights...January 16th at Vista Grande or January 18th at Dapplegray Elementary...6:30 start time

Principal's Message

Boost Success by Promoting a Growth Mindset

School is filled with challenges—and your child’s success depends on how they respond to those challenges. Encourage them to develop what researchers call a growth mindset.

growth mindset determines how kids think about problems. Suppose, for example, your child is having trouble finding the answer to a math problem. Some kids would throw up their hands and say, “I’m not good at math!”—and quit trying. But, other kids would take another view - “This is a challenge and I love a challenge.”

Children in the second group have a growth mindset. They believe that even if they can’t do something now, they will be able to learn it in the future. They’re more likely to stick with the problem—and solve it.

You can encourage this mindset by praising your child’s effort. “That project was challenging, but you stuck with it and finished it!”

Reprinted with permission from the January 2018 issue of Parents make the difference!® (Elementary School Edition) newsletter.

We are using the Growth Mindset philosophy at Soleado and encourage all of our families to learn more about how they can implement this mindset into their lives as well.  A great place to start is clicking on this link:

I encourage you to watch the short clip together as a family to better understand how you can help each other develop a Growth Mindset philosophy.



Mrs. Gina Stutzel   

Proud Principal of Soleado Elementary 
twitter @stutzelg


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Past Principal Messages:

Welcome to the New Year Soleado Families! 

One of my resolutions is to make sure that I share valuable, measurable, and beneficial information with my students and their families.  I would like to start the year with a message that will make sense to all of us…attendance!  One of the most vital parts of your child’s education is also one that’s easy to overlook. It’s attendance! Study after study shows that when kids regularly miss school, their learning, and especially their literacy skills, take a serious hit. Not only that, young students with poor attendance tend to turn into older students with poor attendance. Don’t let your child become one of them!

To keep your child on the road to school success consider these recommendations:

Take attendance seriously. As the parent, you set the tone. So be sure your child understands how much you value school and learning. If attendance is a priority for you, it will be a priority for them.

Prepare at night. In the evening, help your child set out everything they need to take to school the next day—their backpack, completed homework, proper shoes, signed papers, etc. They should also pick out their outfit and decide what they will have for breakfast.
Respect the school calendar. When possible, avoid scheduling appointments or family vacations that conflict with school. It will remind your child that there’s nowhere more important for them to be during the week than in school!

Talk to your child’s teacher if you are experiencing problems that often result in school absences. Many families face challenges with health, child care, transportation and other issues. We are here to help any way we can to make attendance a priority for your child. 
Thank you for supporting your child and making them your number one priority.  Your dedication and commitment to their education now, will result in a happy healthy adult!


Mrs. Gina Stutzel   

Proud Principal of Soleado Elementary 
twitter @stutzelg


Dear Parents,

The holiday season is upon us and our Soleado Student Council along with the PTA are partnering with Samuel's Trees and Children's Bureau of Los Angeles Mental Health Sites to bring a little cheer to families in need.

Samuel's Trees gives three-foot tall holiday trees adorned with $300 worth of gift cards to families with babies in the NICCU at, many of whom are struggling with making ends meet. We will be placing boxes in each classroom to collect gift cards. Please have your child bring a $10 gift card from one of these stores - Target, Walmart, Subway, Starbucks, Vons, Arco, Shell, Chevron, Visa, Mastercard, Toys R Us, Chipotle & Amazon

Children's Bureau of LAMH is collecting toys for their patients. These children come from low socio-economic conditions and live at poverty levels. We will be placing a collection bin in front of the office. 

Thank You very much for your support!


Mrs. Gina Stutzel   

Proud Principal of Soleado Elementary 
twitter @stutzelg