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Principal's Message

Soleado Families,


Thursday’s Field Day was lots of fun for everyone! Thank you Debbie Choe for organizing this wonderful event, and thank you PE Coaches, PTA/Booster and all of the volunteers for helping to make the day a success! 16 staff members joined me for a “Pie in the Face”, the last Fun Run Incentive of the Year…in case you missed this wonderful moment I’ve included some pictures. 



I am looking forward to a fun-filled, exciting last week of school!


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs. Marcus


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Past Principal Messages:

Soleado Families,

On Friday, our students had a special visit with a librarian from the Palos Verdes Library to share about their Summer Reading Program. It is a great program that will keep your children motivated to read during the summer! Please scroll down and visit the links below for more information.

Tuesday is the last day to turn in your coins for Pennies for Patients.

We have a fun morning planned for Field Day on Thursday. The activities will run from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. Parents are welcome to come and support the students during the morning. The Pie Throwing Fun Run incentive will follow at 11:30 am. Our normal lunch and school day schedule will resume afterwards. 
I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and I will see you on Tuesday!
Mrs. Marcus


Soleado Families,

Soleado Chorus will be on local television! COX Channel 35 and/or Frontier FIOS Channel 39 will be broadcasting beginning Thursday, May 16 at 4 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm. The 3 different Chorus Festival Nights will be shown in a rotating basis at each of the hourly slots.
Please note that the final day to return any library books was Friday, May 17. If you have any library books at home, please return them on Monday morning.
This will be the last week to collect coins for Pennies for Patients. Coin boxes should be returned to the office by Tuesday, May 27.
Thank you to the KPA for your donation of a picnic table to provide our students with an additional Outdoor Learning Space. Thank you also to the JPA. Your donation provides much needed headphones to support online instruction in the classrooms. These generous donations are greatly appreciated by our Soleado Community.

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, May 21 at 5:00 pm: 2nd Grade Everybody Smiles in the Same Language Show
Tuesday, May 21 at 7:00 pm: 1st Grade Patriotic Show
Wednesday, May 22: 2nd Grade Performing Arts Shows:
Mrs. Hogan’s Class 8:50 – 9:30 am
Mrs. Biggins’ Class: 9:50-10:30 am
Ms. Dino’s Class: 11:10-11:50 am
Thursday, May 23 at 2:15 pm: 3rd Grade Spring Music Performance
Friday, May 24 is a minimum day with the following dismissal times:
TK: 11:45 am
K – 5th Grade: 12:00 pm
Tuesday, May 28: TK/Kindergarten Peter Pan Performances:
Classroom Teachers will share their performance times.
Thursday, May 30: Soleado Annual Field Day

Have a great week!
Mrs. Marcus

20 May 2019

Soleado Families,


Thank you PTA and Soleado Families for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week and Luncheon. We all definitely feel appreciated!


This week your child took home a box to collect coins for Pennies for Patients. The Pennies for Patients program is a service learning opportunity for our children to help raise funds for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We will be collecting coins until Tuesday, May 27. If your child decides to collect money, please have him or her turn the box into the office by this date. Refer to the flyer that went home for fundraising incentives.


Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 13 at 2:00 pm: 2019-20 Incoming Kindergarten Orientation

Tuesday, May 21 at 5:00 pm: 2nd Grade Everybody Smiles in the Same Language Show

Tuesday, May 21 at 7:00 pm: 1st Grade Patriotic Show

Thursday, May 23 at 2:15 pm: 3rd Grade Spring Music Performance

Thursday, May 30: Soleado Annual Field Day


Have a great week.

Mrs. Marcus


Soleado Families,

Safety is always a top priority for us at Soleado. There are many students who are being dropped off at school before 8:15 am. There is no adult supervision prior to this time, so if you arrive at Soleado earlier than 8:15 am, please have your child remain in your car. If you would like more information about Kids Corner, please click on the link below:
Upcoming Events:
Kindergarten Orientation is on Monday, May 13th. If you have an incoming kindergarten student in the 2019-20 school year, please click on this link for more information:
Have a great week!
Mrs. Marcus


Soleado Families,


I want to review our after-school dismissal policy. We do not provide after school supervision, yet we continue to have some students picked up late. This impacts the office staff keeping them at school beyond their work day and keeping them from their other responsibilities. Please note the dismissal times for all grade levels listed below. All students are expected to be picked up on time.


If you arrive than 15 minutes after dismissal time, your child will be waiting for you in the office. When you get to school, you will need to park your car, come to the office and sign your child out.


Dismissal Times:


TK- Early Birds: 12:40 pm Later Gators: 1:40 pm,

K-1:10 pm

1st-5th: 1:30 pm


Tuesday- Friday:

TK- Early Birds: 1:35 pm Later Gators: 2:35 pm

K- 2:05 pm

1st-2nd- 2:35 pm

3rd-5th- 3:00 pm


Minimum Days:

TK- All Together Day – 11:45 am

K- 12:00 pm

1st-5th – 12:00 pm


Please keep in mind that the Kids Corner Program is available to all families needing before/after school care. For more information, please visit their webpage here.


Making your plans for summer vacation…Peninsula Education Foundation is offering the Summer Break program at Dapplegray and Soleado. I will be here at Soleado working with the PV STEAM Academy staff and would love to have your children join us! Visit the website  for dates and cost of the program. I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break!


Michele Marcus



Soleado Families,

Please join us at our PTA Meeting on Tuesday, February 12th at 9:00 am. Soleado parent Raena Hawkins will be speaking about Technology and Parenting. She has over 10 years of experience in educating children and parents on the safe and effective use of technology. Click here for more information.

See below for Soleado’s Food Policy and Guidelines for Classroom Celebrations. With Valentine’s Day coming up this week, please pay particular attention to the section regarding Valentine’s Day.

Soleado Elementary School
Food Policy and Guidelines for Classroom Celebrations
The primary focus of any school is student growth and academic achievement. To that end, the Soleado Site Council in conjunction with school staff has adopted the following guidelines for student celebrations during the school day. These guidelines reflect the knowledge that not all parents adhere to the same dietary restrictions. Every attempt has been made to move the focus away from food and “treats” which are often times unhealthy. There are times when food is served in connection with a lesson, holiday or class party. When these times come up, teachers work very closely with room parents and parents of allergy students to make sure everyone is aware of what will be served and whether there are any alternative food choices that can be used for students with allergies. All food served at school must be store bought.
Please review the following policy and thank you for your support as we provide our students with a learning environment that promotes healthy choices regarding food and snacks. 
Birthdays are special milestones in life, and many people choose to celebrate them with parties and special treats. At Soleado, student birthdays are recognized by singing a song and the child being honored may bring a gift for the classroom. Parents and guardians may NOT bring food of any kind, goodie bags or other treats to the classroom or onto campus during lunch or recess in celebration of a child’s birthday.
While it is often times customary for children to have birthday parties, invitations to those parties are not to be distributed at school. If a party is planned for your child, please send the invitations in the mail, via e-mail or some way other than sending them to school.

At Soleado we celebrate a variety of holidays due to our diverse student population. Any holiday celebrations held in the classroom must be approved by the classroom teacher in advance. All food items are to be coordinated through the room parent and classroom teacher. Families will also be notified ahead of time when food is being provided to the students in the classroom. District policy prohibits students from receiving home baked or prepared food items from home of any kind.
Valentine’s Day: If your child wishes to give Valentines to his/her classmates, please refrain from giving anything more than one bite-size piece of candy. If you choose to send candy, you must check in with the classroom teacher to make sure there are no allergies to be aware of. A Valentine’s Day Card is always appropriate.

Halloween: While candy is the trick-or-treat of choice, at Soleado, we ask our children to leave all candy at home. No goodie bags are necessary. Just dress up and come and enjoy the festivities throughout the day.

December Holidays: Teacher gifts are provided through the funds collected by room parents. Any gifts children wish to give other children should be given outside of school hours off school grounds.

Please do not put your teacher in an awkward position by bringing food into the classroom. If a parent comes to the classroom with food, goody bags or invitations to parties, they will be directed to the front office and not allowed to distribute the items to the class.


Michele Marcus


Soleado Families,

Winter is here and with winter upon us we unfortunately have more students who are sick. Please read below for information about when to keep your children home and when it is okay to send them to school. Although we always want to have your children here at school with us, there are times when it is necessary to keep your children home to minimize the spread of colds and flu.
🤒Should I keep my child home from school?
Please keep your child home if he or she:

  • Has a fever of 100 or higher before taking medication to reduce the fever.
  • Has been vomiting or having persistent diarrhea in the last 24 hours.
  • Has excessive tiredness or lack of appetite.
  • Has an intense headache, sore throat, body aches, chills or an earache.
  • Has a persistent, productive cough which has kept them up at night.

Does my child have the flu?
The flu can be serious. If your child is at high risk for flu complications please contact your physician at the first sign of flu symptoms. Individuals at risk include those who are pregnant, have asthma or diabetes, have compromised immune systems, or have neuromuscular diseases.
Symptoms of flu typically come on suddenly and can include:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Body aches
  • Sore throat
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Dry coughWhen should I send my child back to school?

Colds and flu can be contagious for at least 48 hours. Returning to school too soon may slow the recovery process and expose other children unnecessarily to illness.
Please keep your child home until:

  • His/her fever has been gone for 24 hours without medication.
  • He/she has not had vomiting or diarrhea during the last 24 hours.
  • If given antibiotics, he/she has taken the antibiotic for at least 24 hours.
  • His/her appetite and energy level have returned to normal

Have a good week!
Michele Marcus