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❤️🧡💛 Don't forget to take the Kids Heart Challenge! If our school raises $2500 for the American Heart Association in the next two weeks, we will have a lunchtime dance party for all students! 💚💙💜

Principal's Message

Soleado Families,

Please join us at our PTA Meeting on Tuesday, February 12th at 9:00 am. Soleado parent Raena Hawkins will be speaking about Technology and Parenting. She has over 10 years of experience in educating children and parents on the safe and effective use of technology. Click here for more information.

See below for Soleado’s Food Policy and Guidelines for Classroom Celebrations. With Valentine’s Day coming up this week, please pay particular attention to the section regarding Valentine’s Day.

Soleado Elementary School
Food Policy and Guidelines for Classroom Celebrations
The primary focus of any school is student growth and academic achievement. To that end, the Soleado Site Council in conjunction with school staff has adopted the following guidelines for student celebrations during the school day. These guidelines reflect the knowledge that not all parents adhere to the same dietary restrictions. Every attempt has been made to move the focus away from food and “treats” which are often times unhealthy. There are times when food is served in connection with a lesson, holiday or class party. When these times come up, teachers work very closely with room parents and parents of allergy students to make sure everyone is aware of what will be served and whether there are any alternative food choices that can be used for students with allergies. All food served at school must be store bought.
Please review the following policy and thank you for your support as we provide our students with a learning environment that promotes healthy choices regarding food and snacks. 
Birthdays are special milestones in life, and many people choose to celebrate them with parties and special treats. At Soleado, student birthdays are recognized by singing a song and the child being honored may bring a gift for the classroom. Parents and guardians may NOT bring food of any kind, goodie bags or other treats to the classroom or onto campus during lunch or recess in celebration of a child’s birthday.
While it is often times customary for children to have birthday parties, invitations to those parties are not to be distributed at school. If a party is planned for your child, please send the invitations in the mail, via e-mail or some way other than sending them to school.

At Soleado we celebrate a variety of holidays due to our diverse student population. Any holiday celebrations held in the classroom must be approved by the classroom teacher in advance. All food items are to be coordinated through the room parent and classroom teacher. Families will also be notified ahead of time when food is being provided to the students in the classroom. District policy prohibits students from receiving home baked or prepared food items from home of any kind.
Valentine’s Day: If your child wishes to give Valentines to his/her classmates, please refrain from giving anything more than one bite-size piece of candy. If you choose to send candy, you must check in with the classroom teacher to make sure there are no allergies to be aware of. A Valentine’s Day Card is always appropriate.

Halloween: While candy is the trick-or-treat of choice, at Soleado, we ask our children to leave all candy at home. No goodie bags are necessary. Just dress up and come and enjoy the festivities throughout the day.

December Holidays: Teacher gifts are provided through the funds collected by room parents. Any gifts children wish to give other children should be given outside of school hours off school grounds.

Please do not put your teacher in an awkward position by bringing food into the classroom. If a parent comes to the classroom with food, goody bags or invitations to parties, they will be directed to the front office and not allowed to distribute the items to the class.


Michele Marcus


Sun Border 
Past Principal Messages:


Soleado Elementary is proud to partner with the American Heart Association again this year! Last year we participated in JUMP ROPE FOR HEART and this year we’re kicking off KIDS HEART CHALLENGE!
On Friday, we had an American Heart Association Kick-Off Assembly! Students learned about how the heart works and the importance of eating healthy, getting exercise, and being kind to others.
Now, students can participate in raising funds for the American Heart Association to fund research to help people with special hearts.
Raising donations online is fun and easy:
Go to: and select SIGN UP. Take the Heart Challenge and earn a Glow in the Dark Wristband just for signing up!
Earn Echo and Finn with your first online donation!

Download the mobile app KIDS HEART CHALLENGE to bring the Heart Heroes to life just like Pokémon Go!

Information packets went home with your children last week. Our school is aiming to raise $2500 for the American Heart Association in the next two weeks. If we can achieve our goal, we will have a lunchtime dance party for all students!

Michele Marcus


Soleado Families,

Winter is here and with winter upon us we unfortunately have more students who are sick. Please read below for information about when to keep your children home and when it is okay to send them to school. Although we always want to have your children here at school with us, there are times when it is necessary to keep your children home to minimize the spread of colds and flu.
🤒Should I keep my child home from school?
Please keep your child home if he or she:

  • Has a fever of 100 or higher before taking medication to reduce the fever.
  • Has been vomiting or having persistent diarrhea in the last 24 hours.
  • Has excessive tiredness or lack of appetite.
  • Has an intense headache, sore throat, body aches, chills or an earache.
  • Has a persistent, productive cough which has kept them up at night.

Does my child have the flu?
The flu can be serious. If your child is at high risk for flu complications please contact your physician at the first sign of flu symptoms. Individuals at risk include those who are pregnant, have asthma or diabetes, have compromised immune systems, or have neuromuscular diseases.
Symptoms of flu typically come on suddenly and can include:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Body aches
  • Sore throat
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Dry coughWhen should I send my child back to school?

Colds and flu can be contagious for at least 48 hours. Returning to school too soon may slow the recovery process and expose other children unnecessarily to illness.
Please keep your child home until:

  • His/her fever has been gone for 24 hours without medication.
  • He/she has not had vomiting or diarrhea during the last 24 hours.
  • If given antibiotics, he/she has taken the antibiotic for at least 24 hours.
  • His/her appetite and energy level have returned to normal

Have a good week!
Michele Marcus


Soleado Families,


I hope you all enjoyed International Day as much as I did. Thank you to Debbie Choe for coordinating this fantastic event and to all of the volunteers who helped make this day so great. How wonderful that the weather cooperated!


Please remember that Monday, January 21st is a holiday and Friday, January 25th is a Student Free Staff Development Day.


See below for information about Peninsula Education Foundation’s upcoming Parent University at Ridgecrest Intermediate School. I have attended many of these events and have always walked away with new information. These one hour events are free.




Parent University, a collaboration between PVPUSD and the Peninsula Education Foundation, provides parents and students support and education through a speaker series covering topics that will help your child navigate through school and life.


Join us on Tuesday, January 22 at Ridgecrest Intermediate School in the MPR from 6-7 pm


Presenter: Dr. Michele Borba


Dr. Michele Borba is the author of best-selling book, Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World. 


Learn about proven and teachable habits to nurture children’s empathy and why developing empathy is a key predictor to helping kids succeed in our global, digital-driven world.



Have a great weekend!

Michele Marcus


Dear Soleado Parents,

I am looking forward to participating in my first Soleado International Fair on Friday. I hope you can join us! Grade levels will be visiting the different country booths before lunch, and then we will all enjoy the afternoon entertainment together from 1:15-2:05. Please see below for when each grade level will be visiting the booths.

8:45-9:15          4th Grade
9:20-9:50          5th Grade
9:55-10:25        3rd Grade
10:30-11:00      TK/Kindergarten
11:00-11:30      1st Grade
11:30-12:00      2nd Grade

Also this week, Mrs. Kearns’ class will be running our One Warm Coat collection. The One Warm Coat Program donates coats to the homeless in Redondo Beach. They are especially in need of adult male coats, but will accept all coats. If you have any coats that you would like to donate, please bring them to the bin in front of the office.

Have a good week!
Michele Marcus


Soleado Families,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break! I am looking forward to seeing everyone this week.
With rain in the forecast, it is important to review our rainy day procedures in order to keep your children dry and our drop off and dismissal running smoothly.

On rainy days, the Flaming Arrow Gate will be closed. All students are to be dropped off and picked up in front of the MPR on these days.

Morning Drop Off:

Students in grades 1st-5th who are dropped off between 8:15-8:30 am are to go directly into the MPR, with their backpacks, and wait until they are dismissed.
TK/Kindergarten students who are dropped off between 8:15-8:30 am are to go directly to their classrooms.

Dismissal - All students will be dismissed from the MPR. 
Please follow the steps outlined below:

When picking up your child, please pull your car as far forward as possible to the MPR. Please do not get out of your car. This slows down the entire process.
While you are waiting in the “Stop and Drop” zone, use your child’s name card or write your child’s name and the names of any other students that you are picking up on a piece of paper.
Your child will be brought to your car.

On rainy days ONLY, if you have a child who is dismissed from school at 2:35 pm, and another child who is dismissed at 3:00 pm, please wait to pick up all the children until 3:00 pm.
Please do not park your car in the “Stop and Drop” zone or in the faculty parking area.
Please inform relatives, friends, or others about these rules if they are picking up your children.

Have a great week!
Michele Marcus