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COMING TO SOLEADO 📚 Community Read-in...Tuesday, February 27th 📚 One Day Book Fair...Wednesday, February 28th 📚

Mrs. Donahoe Loves Fifth Grade

This Week in Vista 1  
-Read for 30 minutes every night.  Take an AR test at school when you finish each book!
-Math ixl: 60 minutes a week, 15 minutes per night...


PLEASE complete WONDERS  online assignments.  Every fifth grader needs to finish the two assessments available under My Tests

-Week 2 Assessment (submit by Thursday)

- Benchmark test (submit by Friday)


IXL LANGUAGE ARTS: too much?  Forget it and read a book instead! 
Daily reading: Read daily, keep track on their reading log.  
Social Studies:  We have completed our studies on the Colonies and Revolutionary War
We are reading:  Blood on the River (we have read chapters 1-25 already)
Grammar book:  We are working on a booklet about SENTENCE STRUCTURE.
Guess what we are up to?
We are working on Unit 4, Week 2 of Wonders, the Language Arts program we are piloting.
Genre:  Tall Tales, Legends, Drama, Mystery
Writer's Craft:  personification, metaphors, similes, tone and mood
Skills:  Summarizing, POV, visualizing, synonyms and antonyms, adages
Spelling: schwa sound and l/n ending, plurals
We are working on sentence structure.  We have a blue workbook we will be completing in class.
-Subjects and predicates.
-Subject verb agreement.
-Types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, imperative.
-Simple vs. Compound sentences.
-Complex sentences.
-Active voice vs. passive voice.
-Sentence fragments and run-on sentences.
Will there be a test?  Yes.  I will be assessing each skill right after we learn it with a short assessment.
We are done with the yellow grammar book: parts of speech.  Tests went home already!
We finished reading Wonder, a realistic fiction novel by RJ Palacios. Tests went home already!
We learned about the 13 colonies.  
We are using EDMODO so that students can communicate with each other and teachers can post notices to students.  
Students: go to  Click Join a Group.  Follow instructions.  Code is 8dfdpd
Parents: pick up the phone and text code 8dfdpd to 27291 and get class updates.
We are using the My Classroom Economy program.  If you want to learn more about the program, please check out the website:  It is a great way to teach financial literacy in the younger years.  It is also fun!