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Kindergarten Parent Information Nights...January 16th at Vista Grande or January 18th at Dapplegray Elementary...6:30 start time

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We will be using Khan Academy as homework this year. Please sign your child up for an account, then have them join me as a coach. Our class code is X69K34SU
Thank you!
Mrs. Bogart
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Class CodeGYHQ2



Subject: Scholastic Book Clubs Class Order


Dear Families,

You can place your orders online at using my class activation code: GYHQ2


Happy Reading,





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Dear Monte 1 Families,

I just want to remind you that we have a field trip to the Norris Theater on Monday from 10am-12.

Please send your child to school dressed appropriately for a live performance. That would mean no athletic wear. They may change after we return to school to play clothes if they choose to.

Also, Wednesday is the All School Sing at 9am on the playground!

Thursday 1:30-3:00 is the 4th/5th Grade Instrumental Music Performance in the MPR.

Lastly, Friday is a minimum day to start the winter break with student release at 12 noon.

Looking forward to a fun-filled week!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. Bogart

Reminders for Week of 10/16

Dear 5th Grade Families,
Here's what we have going on this week...
Tuesday is Pajama Day (no slippers-we still have PE) 
We also have Art At Your Fingertips (AAYF) in the afternoon. It may be a bit messy so send an old oversized t-shirt if you have one.
There is a Social Studies test.
Wednesday is "Wear Sweats Day" Wear a Sketchers Walk T-shirt if you have one.
We will begin Chapter 3 of the Math text on Fractions
Thursday "Dress Like a Super Hero" Day
Friday "Soleado Pride Day" Wear your Soleado shirt.
Sunday Sketchers Walk  See you there! (You can donate as a virtual walker if you can't make it!)

Reminders Week of 10/9

Dear 5th Grade Parents,
Just a couple reminders/notices for this week.
First, tomorrow we will be completing our parachute building. If your child has not brought in supplies (ie plastic bag, string, and payload) please have them bring it tomorrow. The group may need a back up.
Next, tomorrow (Tuesday) and Thursday we will have math class at 7:45 before school for those of you invited.
Today we passed out Reflections contest entries. We are shooting for 100% participation. You child may do something as simple as drawing a picture. Please support them at home for this fabulous program!
Lastly, The chapter 2 math test will be on Friday.
Thank you so much for all your help from home!
Mrs. Bogart

5th Grade Update

Dear 5th Grade Families,

Wednesday we will begin our STEM Parachute building. If possible, please send some materials that might make a good parachute. The payload will be a penny so materials that work are plastic grocery bags, light weight material or paper. Also, some string or something for the lines. The objective will be to create the parachute that will descend the slowest.

There will be a state capitals test on Wednesday. Your student can find the states in their social studies notebooks or on Edmodo or Mrs. Donahoe's Soleado website.

Please send in OSS paperwork as soon as possible. We are trying to get a head count. Also, we could use more cabin leaders. If you feel like you may be able to attend with us, please let me know.

Thank you so much for all your support at home!!

Mrs. Bogart

IXL Update

IXL is not available under our single sign-on yet. Students must access IXL through their general page at:
Sorry for the confusion! Hopefully everything will be functioning correctly next week!

Book Donations

Dear 5th Grade Families,
I will be submitting the book order this Friday. If you are able or so inclined, please purchase a copy of the book "Wonder". This is a novel the students will be reading in Language Arts, however we do not have enough copies for all students.
You buy the book directly from using our class code (please use our class code so we will qualify for free books). 

Class Code   GYHQ2

Thank you so much for your support at home!
Mrs. Bogart

Student Software Single Sign On

Using the link below, students can now access all their software from one single place. They will access the website using their student ID number and six-digit birth date. Once logged in they can access IXL & Reflex for math practice. Accelerated reader can only be accessed through school so that is not included in the single sign in portal.