PE Lesson April 27

1) Coach Kelsey Fitness Challenge: Can you do 100 Sit Ups in a day?

Could you do 100 sit ups everyday this week?
If you can't finish 100 in a day, how many sit ups can you finish throughout the entire day??
2) Fitness Videos for the Week:
Cardio and Ab Workout.. pretty intense workout at times.  If at anytime you find yourself too tired, you can try marching in place until you catch your breath and get your heart rate down. 
Dance Video
3) Soccer Skee Ball
Get Ready: 10 sock balls, 1 Laundry Basket, 1 Bucket, 1 Tupperware container
Get Set: Roll up the socks to make sock-balls. Stack the targets into skee-ball formation with the Tupperware inside the bucket and the bucket inside the
laundry basket.
• This event is called Sock-er Skee-ball. The
object of this game is to score points by kicking
the sock ball into the skee-ball targets.
• You’ll do that by using your feet to kick the sock
ball into the target.
• Score 1 point for every sock ball that lands in
the laundry basket.
• Score 5 points for sock balls in the bucket.
• Score 10 points for sock balls in the Tupperware container.
• You get 10 chances to score as many points as you can.

*Game from National Field Day Website