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PE Workout

Last week of PE Zoom classes... please join us for a workout and to say goodbye!  We would love to see all of you!!
If you are unable to join, here is the workout we will be doing.  It is a lot of fun to do as a group as we learn a little bit about each other and get some exercise.  
Warm Up:
Old Town Road Tabata: (choose the exercise you like better and perform that movement)
Would you rather... (choose which option of the two you prefer... depending on your answer perform the exercise that goes with it):
We hope to see you all in our last PE Zoom class for a fun workout!
I will post some fun workout scavenger hunts next week that you can do at home!
Coach Jeff

Superhero Week Continued

Superhero Workout Week Continued: 

Have fun!  Include the family!  Do your best!!
The Thor Workout
The Batman Workout
The Black Panther Workout
The Guardians of the Galaxy Workout 
Miss all of you guys!  Come join us for some extra workouts on our PE Zoom!
- Coach Jeff

Superhero Workout Week

This week we are going to make both our body and mind strong as all your favorite superheroes by doing a bunch of workouts from most of your favorite Avengers characters.  Have fun, include the family and do your best!
5 minute Superhero Warm Up for the whole family:
The Avengers Workout:
Captain America Workout:
Wonder Girl Workout:
Spider Man Training:
Kids Superhero training for all ages: 
Keep up the great work boys and girls!  You are awesome!!
- Coach Jeff

May 12th Lesson

Warm up: Don't Sit Down

Muscular Strength Exercise: 5 Minute Move
Interactive Video Game Workout: Level Up
Game: Wind Bowling
Get Ready: 1 Balloon (or Paper Plate), 10 Plastic Cups
Get Set: Set 10 empty plastic cups at the edge of a table in single file along the

• This event is called Wind Bowling. The object of the game is to knock all the cups off a table edge using only the air from the balloon or paper-plate fan.
• You’ll do that by blowing the balloon up and aiming the escaping air towards the empty plastic cups. If you don’t have a balloon you can wave the paper plate like a fan with the fan’s air hitting the cups.
• Score a point for every cup that gets knocked off the table.
• You have 1 minute to knock down as many cups as you can.
* Set a high score, try again, and see if you can beat your high score

May the 4th be with You

May the 4th be with You!

Star Wars Jedi Workout:
Star Wars Yoga:
Jedi Towel Flip Challenge Activity:
Get Ready: 1 large beach or bath towel
Get Set: Lay your towel out flat on your floor and stand on it.
 This event is the Towel Flip Challenge. The object of this game is to flip the towel as fast as you can without stepping off of it.
• You can take small steps from one part of the towel to another. However, you can only move it when you have both feet firmly in place on top of the towel.
• The towel must be flat at the start and flat at the finish.
• You have 1 minute to complete the challenge.
Have a great day!!!

PE Lesson April 27

1) Coach Kelsey Fitness Challenge: Can you do 100 Sit Ups in a day?

Could you do 100 sit ups everyday this week?
If you can't finish 100 in a day, how many sit ups can you finish throughout the entire day??
2) Fitness Videos for the Week:
Cardio and Ab Workout.. pretty intense workout at times.  If at anytime you find yourself too tired, you can try marching in place until you catch your breath and get your heart rate down. 
Dance Video
3) Soccer Skee Ball
Get Ready: 10 sock balls, 1 Laundry Basket, 1 Bucket, 1 Tupperware container
Get Set: Roll up the socks to make sock-balls. Stack the targets into skee-ball formation with the Tupperware inside the bucket and the bucket inside the
laundry basket.
• This event is called Sock-er Skee-ball. The
object of this game is to score points by kicking
the sock ball into the skee-ball targets.
• You’ll do that by using your feet to kick the sock
ball into the target.
• Score 1 point for every sock ball that lands in
the laundry basket.
• Score 5 points for sock balls in the bucket.
• Score 10 points for sock balls in the Tupperware container.
• You get 10 chances to score as many points as you can.

*Game from National Field Day Website

PE Lesson 4.21

1) Coach Kelsey's Weekly Fitness challenge = 100 Jumping Jacks a day!

*Can you finish 100 Jumping Jacks in a day?  
*Can you do 100 Jumping Jacks everyday this week??
2) Coach Drew's Vertical Jump Workout 
Finish this workout which focuses on workouts that help us improve our vertical jump!!  
* What sports/activities is it important to have a good vertical jump?
* How can I measure my own vertical jump??  
Get Ready: You’ll need 3 paper sheets per player, a bucket or laundry basket.
Get Set: Create 3 paper airplanes using a design of your choice. Place your
bucket 5-10 feet away from your throwing line.
• This event is called Paper Plane Corn Hole.
• The object of the game is to score points by
throwing your paper airplane into your bucket.
You have 1 minute to score as many as
• Design and create 3 paper airplanes.
• On the start signal, fly your airplanes as many
times as you can toward your bucket.
• Score 1 point for every plane that hits the outside of the bucket and 2 points
for every plane that lands in the bucket.