May 12th Lesson

Warm up: Don't Sit Down

Muscular Strength Exercise: 5 Minute Move
Interactive Video Game Workout: Level Up
Game: Wind Bowling
Get Ready: 1 Balloon (or Paper Plate), 10 Plastic Cups
Get Set: Set 10 empty plastic cups at the edge of a table in single file along the

• This event is called Wind Bowling. The object of the game is to knock all the cups off a table edge using only the air from the balloon or paper-plate fan.
• You’ll do that by blowing the balloon up and aiming the escaping air towards the empty plastic cups. If you don’t have a balloon you can wave the paper plate like a fan with the fan’s air hitting the cups.
• Score a point for every cup that gets knocked off the table.
• You have 1 minute to knock down as many cups as you can.
* Set a high score, try again, and see if you can beat your high score