Soleado Elementary

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Principal's Message



Soleado Families,


This past week was filled with lots of changes and emotions. Thank you to the teachers and staff who came to work on Friday morning and immediately began working together to support our students. Teachers were planning lessons for our school closure, while other Soleado staff supported them, as well as our students as they came to school to gather the materials they would need during this time.


By now, you have received an email from your classroom teacher, outlining how she will communicate during this time. All teachers have provided students with assignments to complete and will continue to be in communication with you. Although we will not be at Soleado during this time, our students will continue to learn at home.


As an educator for many years, my advice to you is to have structure and consistency during this time. As a parent, my recommendation is to have lots of different things available for your children to engage in while at home. For those of you who would like to and are able to keep a rigorous daily schedule, I have attached a Daily Schedule that you might consider using. There are links included with activities you can use to extend/enrich your child’s learning. However, we understand that every family situation is unique and our recommendation is that students be engaged with learning as much as possible, in whatever way is working for your family during this time.


The teachers and I will be checking our emails regularly should you have any questions.


The office will be open Monday, March 16, from 8:00 – 12:00 for any students who need to pick up materials from the classroom or check out a Chrome Book. After that, the school will be closed until Monday, April 6th.


Please continue to check our school  and District websites regularly for updates.


I look forward to seeing you and your children when school resumes.

Michele Marcus