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N-1 Behavior Policy

N-1 Behavior Policy


In order to best facilitate learning in kindergarten, the children and I have agreed that we need to follow certain guidelines. Essentially the five rules are designed to help us take care of others, take care of ourselves, and take care of our school.

The rules are:

#1- Listen when your teacher is talking. ( Later to include listening when others are speaking).

#2- Follow directions quickly.

#3- Raise your hand for permission to speak.

#4- Make smart choices.

#5- Respect yourself, respect others, and respect your school.

Children will receive “good listener” and “good worker” thank you badges each day for helping to create a positive learning environment in our classroom. These badges will mean a great deal to the children if you stress their importance at home too. Thank you! Also, look for extra special “thank yous that your children will be earning. Children also have “punch cards”, where they will get credit for each day they do not lose their free choice stick. Once full, they may exchange the card for a prize from the prize box.


Consequences for not following the above guidelines will be determined by the child’s behavior and may include: a verbal warning, loss of free choice or free play, a note or phone call home, or relocation of the child to an area that better helps the child and his/her friends learn.


Thank you sincerely for your support,

Diana Elliott