Soleado Elementary

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Sharing activity directions

Surprise Can


Please fill this surprise can with an item from home. 

On the index card provided, write three clues to help

the students guess what is in the can.  Remember it

is a surprise, so don’t spill the beans!  Please return

the surprise can tomorrow!

Have fun!


Sharing suitcase


Please fill this suitcase with an item from home that you would like to share with the class.  The other students will be asking you questions about this item, so please make sure you know all about it!  Please return the suitcase tomorrow!

Have fun!


Estimation Jar


Please find 20-50 items to

place in the estimation jar. 

Make sure it’s less than fifty items

as we are practicing our counting

to fifty the first half of the year.  We will return your

items after our estimation activity

that day!  Please return the

Estimation Jar tomorrow.




Congratulations!  It is your turn to take Buttercup home for the weekend.  She loves to come home with her kindergarten friends, because Buttercup always goes on fun adventures!  She loves soccer games, slumber parties, parks, and car rides.  You need to make sure Buttercup goes EVERYWHERE with you this weekend.  Don’t forget her at home!   Use the journal in the kennel to write down all of the adventures you go on with her.  Take pictures if you can because it is always fun to see Buttercup on her weekend trips!  On Monday, you will share your journal pages and pictures with the class.  Have fun with Buttercup the Bulldog!