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International Fair is coming Friday, January 18th!

Welcome to Vista 2

3rd Grade Winter Celebration Oral Report


Your December report will be to research a winter celebration from around the world.  You need to have your topic approved by November 15th.  At this time, you will sign up for the day of your presentation.  Your presentation will be given orally and may include props, games and decorations, store bought food, posters, pictures, costumes, Power point presentation etc.  Try to think of things that will bring to life and inform the class on the traditions of your chosen celebration such as a craft or traditional food.  Please sign and return the bottom portion of this form by November 15th.


  1. Presentation will start on December 13th. Be sure to use some of the following sources to gather information on your celebration:

Books, personal observations, and places of interest, Internet, personal interviews, or technology such as CDs, videos, and TV.


  1. The presentations should be at least 5 minutes long and no more than 10 minutes. The times include set up and take down of all presentations materials.  If more time is needed, ask your teacher for approval.


  1. The presentation will need to include a bibliography of at least THREE sources that you used to gather and research information. (sample bibliography attached)


We cannot wait to see the wonderful presentation that you will share with your classmates.  Be sure to write down the date of your presentation, have it signed by a parent, and don’t forget the day of your report.  



Student Name ______________________________________________________

Winter Celebration chosen_____________________________________________________

Day of oral report_______________________________________________________________

Parent signature of approval____________________________________________________

Click below for Single Sign on Portal for websites (Typing, Reflex Math, and IXL)...


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Important Upcoming Events

Just a reminder of some upcoming important dates:
December 7th - Parents night out
December 12th - All School Sing 9AM
December 17th - 3rd Grade Music Performance 10AM
December 21st - Minimum Day
December 24th-January 6th Winter Break

A Big Thank You!

Dear Vista 2 Families,
I want to send a big thank you to all of you! The Pumpkin Book Projects were amazing! I really appreciate your support at home!
Mrs. Bogart

Teacher Play Date

Dear Vista 2 Families,

We have changed our 3rd grade date to Monday, October 29th for the 3rd Grade Teacher Play Day. This is a great fundraiser and fun time for your student! Vista 2, 3, & 4 will be watching a movie and having popcorn in big room from 1:30-3. Your child can bring a stuffed animal or pillow to lounge on while watching the movie with their 3rd grade friends!

If you would like to participate, just send a check for $25 made out to Soleado Booster Club.

We look forward to a fun filled afternoon!!


Mrs. Bogart

Mrs. Kearns

Miss Hlavac

Reflex Math Progess:
We are almost all 100% fluent in our math facts!
If you child is not around 80% fluent, please make sure they are working on Reflex nightly until the reach a green light. 
These facts are the cornerstone of math success!
Thank you for all your support at home!
Dear Families,
Beginning the week of October 22nd, students will have homework nightly. If you find they are struggling to get it done, let me know. They may also come in before school to use a class computer to get it done. Thank you for all your help at home!