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Ms. Megan  Schaefer » Ancestor/Country Report

Ancestor/Country Report

Below you can find the instructions for our upcoming ancestor/country report. If you came to Soleado to pick up your supplies on Tuesday, April 21, you took home the project instructions, project timeline, doll, and note card for the flag. If you were unable to come to Soleado to pick up your materials, I've included a doll outline that you can print out and trace on cardboard at home. You can also feel free to be creative and draw your own doll or decorate a toy doll or stuffed animal you already have at home. Don't forget to find a note card or piece of paper to create your flag. I have also provided a worksheet you can use to record your notes while researching your country. This is not required, but just an option for those that would like some more guidance. 
This is a special 2nd grade project and all students in our class are expected to participate and turn in their completed project on May 18th. We will be sharing our projects virtually and I will let you know your presentation date as it gets closer. I'm looking forward to hearing about your diverse backgrounds and learning from you! 
Sample Dolls 
Sample Posters