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Ms. Lisa Turner » Soleado Elementary School Guidelines for Classroom Celebrations

Soleado Elementary School Guidelines for Classroom Celebrations

Soleado Elementary School Guidelines for Classroom Celebrations


The primary focus of any school is student growth and academic achievement.  To that end, the Soleado Site Council in conjunction with school staff has adopted the following guidelines for student celebrations during the academic day. These guidelines reflect the knowledge that not all parents adhere to the same dietary restrictions.  Every attempt has been made to move the focus away from food and "treats" which are often times unhealthy.  Please review the following policy and thank you for your support as we provide our students with a learning environment that promotes healthy choices regarding food and snacks.


Birthdays are special milestones in life, and many people choose to celebrate them with parties and special treats.  At Soleado, student birthdays are recognized by singing a song and the child being honored may bring a gift for the classroom. Parents and guardians may NOT bring food of any kind, goodie bags or other treats to the classroom or onto campus during lunch or recess in celebration of a child's birthday.


While it is often times customary for children to have birthday parties, invitations to those parties are not to be distributed at school. If a party is planned for your child, please send the invitations in the mail, via e-mail or some way other than sending them to school.


At Soleado, we celebrate a variety of holidays due to our diverse student population.  Any holiday celebrations held in the classroom must be approved by the classroom teacher in advance. All food items are to be coordinated through the room parent and classroom teacher. District policy prohibits students from receiving home baked or prepared food items from home of any kind.


Valentine's Day:  If your child wishes to give Valentines to his/her classmates, please refrain from candy or other food. A Valentine's card is appropriate.


Halloween: While candy is the trick-or-treat of choice, at Soleado, we ask our children to leave all candy at home.  No goodie bags are necessary.  Just dress up and come enjoy the festivities throughout the day.


December Holidays:  Teacher gifts are provided through the funds collected by the room parents.  Any gifts children wish to give other children should be given outside of school hours off of school grounds.



Please do not put your teacher in an awkward position by bringing food into the classroom. If a parent comes to the classroom with food, goody bags or invitations to parties, they will be directed to the front office and not allowed to distribute the items to the class.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Principal, Mrs. Stutzel, at your convenience.