Classroom Supplies

Thank you to those of you who have already taken this opportunity to purchase your school supplies through our optional School Supply Program! We have been able to purchase supplies for ALL students, so it's NOT TOO LATE to get your order in to receive your supplies by the first week of school! For this one set price, your child will receive ALL of their school supplies for the entire school year--no need to hunt for all of the things on your teacher's list, or worry about replenishing items during the year. This cost will also help cover the classroom supplies teachers use regularly like specialty paper, markers, folders, art materials, etc. 
As mentioned last year, the order form has transitioned to an online form and the cost is $80.  Click the link below to submit your information and payment.

The current supply lists are posted on the school website if you elect to purchase them on your own. Remember, your contribution to this OPTIONAL program helps support additional materials teachers are able to provide outside of the traditional School Supplies listed online.