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Math Resources

Online Math Practice and Support (Accessible Through Portal)
  • Reflex
  • I-Ready
  • HMH (Math in Focus online resources)
  • IXL
Measurement and Data Resources: Study Jams Bar Graphs and Data

General Math POD Scoring Guide

Each Math POD is worth 10 points. To earn all 10 points, you must include the following:

  •      A correct solution. (2 points)
  •      Evidence of your thinking strategy using pictures and/or number models. (2 points)
  • A written explanation telling how you solved the problem. (5 points)
    •     Clearly communicates mathematical thinking.
    •     Provides steps in sequential order using transition words.
    •     Provides a reasonable explanation of why each step was done.
    •     Use of appropriate writing and language conventions.
    •     Use of appropriate mathematic vocabulary.
  •      Answer to question written in a complete sentence including units being counted. (1 point)
Domino Games to Help Build Math Concepts
Printable Number Cards (for Domino Differences game)
Printable Double Nine Domino set.
Multiplication Domino Maze            
Manipulative Printables for Math Games