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Just as important as reading instruction is reading motivation! As adults, we can model and support this. This might look like an adult-lead system or chart for younger children, then guiding them to "take charge of their own reading" and create their own system as they become older. 
Some questions for thought for children (especially third grade and up): 
- How do you keep track of the books you read?
- Do you have a goal for a certain number of books? How many can you read in a month?
- What are your next goals regarding reading skills or types of books? 
- What do you know so far about your book preferences?  
- Where do you get ideas for books to read? Where else could you look? 
- Who could you talk with about books? Do any friends have similar preferences? 
Here is a free website that helps kids track books, set goals, and find new titles to read. It is like GoodReads for children!