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Learning Extensions

Research shows that the #1 factor for reading success is for children to spend time reading books at their "just-right level." Looking for other ways to keep your child busy and their mind active? 
Here are literacy ideas for creative, project-oriented, and curious kids:  
  • Youtube has some wonderful videos that reinforce key skills! (And some not-so-great ones). See the attachment above for some good ones. 
  • There are many storytime videos of adults reading books aloud. See here and here for picture books, and Audible or the library for audio chapter books. Try one book or chapter a day! 
  • Read a book then stream the movie. For example, Stargirl, a favorite 5th grade book, is now a movie on Disney+. See a list here
  • Children can use Facetime or Zoom to read to other relatives. My grandpa would love to hear his grandson reading from across the country!
  • Tap into friendships! Third-graders and up can choose a book with friends, then schedule Facetime or Zoom calls to talk about it. 
  • Books and art projects go hand-in-hand! This site and this site lists dozens of activities for young children, and this site list project ideas for older students. 
  • Writing a Book  - Help your child make up a story or write a sequel to a favorite book. This site has tips. 
  • Help your child find a pen pal! Encourage them to exchange letters via email or the old fashioned way - how fun to find something with your name on it in the mailbox!
  • Write letters about issues they care about.  Tell your child true stories like this and this about how words inspire #change, then ask: what change would they like to see? A new park? Different products at a store? A local policy change? An increase in their allowance? Help them write a persuasive letter or email with convincing reasons and send it to the appropriate entity. 
IWriteWords or Writing Wizard (letter formation/handwriting)
What Changed? (phonemic awareness)
Sight Words Made Easy by EBLI (teaches sight words)
Sight Word Ninja (best for reinforcement)
Jan Richardson Sight Words on Youtube
Simplex Spelling (various phonics levels!)
Libby, Overdrive, or Hoopla (borrow free ebooks and audiobooks through the PVLA library)
Podcasts, Spotify, or others to listen to and discuss podcasts together (practice comprehension!)

Websites for Parents:
Home Reading Helper
Reading Rockets: For Parents
Reading Rockets Youtube Channel
Reading Rockets Book Finder
Brightly (book ideas)
I See Sam (free online books for very beginning readers)
Scholastic Branches (popular early chapter books)
Scholastic Gold Line (wonderful books for upper elementary and beyond)

Books for Parents:
Reading Magic: How Reading Aloud to our Children will Change their Lives Forever by Mem Fox
Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth